What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is a technical competition where software developers, interface designers, and business hustlers work together in groups of 4-6 people for 3 days and develop a new project.

What are the themes of the Hackathon?

At Hackathon, we aim to solve current workflow issues and encourage new ideas for PASHA Pay. You can find more details on the Categories section of this website.

Who can participate?

We welcome all software developers, designers, and all who enjoy developing digital projects, who want to experience the spirit of Hackathon, and who have new ideas about PASHA Pay, provided that they are teams of 4-6 person. (If you will join from another country, 2 participants’ physical appearance will be enough to continue.)

How can I join Hackathon?

In order to participate in Hackathon, you must first fill out the application form as a team. Participants will be selected due to the evaluation to be made among those who fill out the application form. We've streamlined the process to make it easier for teams. Only ONE member from each team should fill out this form on behalf of all team members. Please ensure you provide accurate details for each member, including their Name, Surname, Email Address, Phone Number and LinkedIn Profile. Incomplete or inaccurate applications may result in your team's disqualification.The selected candidates must attend Hackathon with their own computers.

How the winners will be evaluated?

The jury and our mentors will observe you throughout the process and evaluate you based on both the way you work and the quality of the solution you produce. At the end of the competition, the final evaluation will take place, and the winners will be announced. To give an idea, the criteria that can be taken into account in scoring are given at the Evaluation section of the website.

Is the program free of charge?

Yes, Hackathon is free of charge for the participants; and will be held offline.

What is the content of the program?

In Hackathon, you should be ready for intense competition as well as training, mentoring, and networking. A program where you can have a pleasant time when you are not coding is waiting for you. You can check the Hackathon Agenda for detailed information.

Can I code my project in advance before Hackathon?

No, due to the competition, you are expected to do your coding during the competition. Projects coded before the competition will be disqualified even if they win an award.

How will the award be evaluated?

The presentations made at the end of the Hackathon marathon will be evaluated by the jury on the same day, and the winners will be announced.

Do we have to present physically during the entire event?

No, you will not need to be physically presented all 48 hours. Your physical presence is required during the working hours of the Hackathon, including necessary training and mentorship sessions indicated in the flow that will be notified to all participants in advance. Coding night can be coordinated with participants online/ from home.

What will be the language of the Program?

As we are expecting participants not only from Azerbaijan, the language of the Hackathon will be English.

Is there any financial travel support for foreign teams?

PASHA Hackathon will provide $1000 travel support per team for participants joining from outside Azerbaijan. Payments will be made after you have shown participation in the Hackathon.